2021 Restoration Update 1

– Thank you to all who have shown an interest in Mostert’s Mill, and especially to those who have donated towards the restoration, or have renewed their subscriptions.

A few people have asked us some questions, which we would like to answer:

Was Mostert’s Mill insured?

Cecil Rhodes’ will directed that the Mill be given to the nation, so it is owned by the State. It is managed by the Department of Public Works & Infrastructure (DPW), and Heritage Western Cape (HWC) also oversees it as a provincial heritage resource. All state-owned buildings are in effect self-
insured by the Government. The DPW does not employ millers who can operate and maintain the Mill so that function has been conceded to the Friends of Mostert’s Mill (FoMM), who have kept the Mill in full working condition for the past 25 years.

What’s happening at present?

We are asking HWC to give us a license for the immediate securing of the Mill, which includes collecting all the metal components (mostly re-usable) before they disappear, and fixing a tarpaulin over the exposed top of the wall to keep rainwater out of the wall cavities. We are also negotiating
with HWC to allow us to take charge of the restoration of the Mill with the help of Gabriel Fagan Architects, who were deeply involved with the major 1995 Mill restoration.
That restoration included importing much wooden machinery from Holland. It had been manufactured by Dunning Bremmer, the Dutch millwrights also involved with the 1935 restoration.
This time we plan to fabricate all the wooden parts locally.

Do you have details of all those parts?

Yes! See for example http://www.milldrawings.com/html/mosterts_mill.html

How is the fundraising going?

Very well – thanks to your tremendous response, we have raised approximately R 170 000 already from local and overseas sources. Once we have a reasonable budget, we shall approach some heritage trusts and corporate sponsors for support (and tell them of your enthusiasm).

Will our donations be acknowledged?

They are being whenever we can. But for a few of the EFTs we have no email address, and for most of the Snapscans our bank statements give no payer’s name. If you have made a Snapscan donation and want an acknowledgment, please email your name and the date & amount of the payment (you’ll find them on the app) to our Treasurer at thorpex@iafrica.com.
If you have friends or relatives overseas who would like to contribute, please refer them to