Copyright 2018 - The Friends of Mostert's Mill is a Non-Profit Organisation. NPO# 120-838

Join The Friends of Mostert's Mill

Membership of the Friends is open to any persons or bodies which support the constitutional aims listed below:

  • To ensure the preservation of the mill, its component mechanical parts and the threshing floor.
  • To restore the mill to working order and manage its operation in co-operation with the relevant authorities.
  • To achieve public access to the mill for educational, recreational, conservation and environmental purposes.
  • To restore the contextual cohesion of related structures and precincts and to participate in their management.
  • To further the appreciation of Mostert's Mill and related subjects by arranging regular meetings, lectures, excursions or similar events.

Membership for one year:

  • Individual, at R40.
  • Family, at R50.
  • Corporate, at R800.

You can join the Friends of Mostert's Mill by entering your details below. We accept EFT or SnapScan online. Please ensure you click "submit" after you have paid to ensure that your details are sent to us.

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Account number 077 441 672
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For your enjoyment of this old mill, built when safety was less important.

Pleased read the following safety notes before signing your indemnity or entering the Mill:
* Beware of LOW beams
* Keep away from MOVING MACHINERY, which can trap fingers, loose clothing or long hair
* Be aware of a possible TRIPPING hazard on our stone floor and entrance steps
* FACE the ladder steps when climbing or descending
* CHILDREN must be in the care of a responsible ADULT
* DO NOT CLIMB the machinery or trap doors, or pull on ropes or chains
* DO NOT CLIMB on any part of the mill where an access laddder is not provided
* KEEP OUTSIDE any barriers and OBEY warning signs. This particularly (but not only) applies to barriers around the moving sails, which can cause serious injury or fatality if they strike a person.
We will ask you to sign an indemnity form at the gate, indemnifying (a) the Department of Public Works, (b) the FRIENDS of MOSTERT'S MILL (FoMM), a voluntary association, and (c) FoMM's individual members, in respect of death or or injury to any person and all loss or damage sustained in connection with access to, the use and operation, repair and maintenence of Mostert's Mill, Mowbray, including the Mill building, its sails and all parts thereof, its equipment and any other buildings, structures or fences on the Mostert's Mill property.
You will be asked to indemnify and hold harmless the Indemnified Parties against all liability, costs, charges, claims and demands of any and every kind whcih may be made against, incurred or sustained by the Indemnified Parties directly or indeirectly, by yourself or your dependents and this waiver and indemnity shall be binding on your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.
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